Wednesday, April 2, 2014

In writing, a more perfect brainstorm

-Feedback is a very powerful way to generate new ideas very quickly on almost all issues that have to be innovative or creative solutions. However, this review is also a very fragile process. It is intended as trade flows without prejudice and a list of plants that shoot fire-free all very creative but sometimes difficult to achieve in a public meeting to be held.

There are many distractions in meetings most situations. What others say that more often distribute under other people think instead of opening it. Almost always there is a situation that is dominant and passive personality in a particular session. People are usually afraid to talk of the conference was often shut down completely during the feedback session. Only one person at a time can communicate effectively in group meetings and unfortunately that prevents other people from talking. The bigger the group, the greater the blocking problem. Of course, there is always someone in the group to do and say anything to please the boss. Having someone to speak for others it will be difficult to do anything but agree. Tend to think of the group as being more effective than any individual, but the power of social pressure and conformity are usually involved in the inspection process. We can get a warm feeling about social exchange group meeting that occurs in the public opinion, but the reality is often inhibits creativity.

To help address the problem of better techniques called brainwriting comments made. As the name suggests, write down your ideas rather than talk. Research and testing has shown that 40 percent of brainwriting generate ideas that are more creative than a traditional review. It was a great hike.

Unoccupied mode of operation before meeting had a problem in the sense indicated above and in the table below for a list of ideas. You need at least one sheet of this form for each person who attended the meeting. There are many different ways to create a form that makes sense for the problems you are facing, but the general procedure is called brainwriting 6-3-5.

The 6-3-5 stands for 6 people, 3 people an idea for 5 minutes. Form of a table is 3 columns wide, with plenty of width in the list of ideas. Range Idea Number 1, 2 3 Ideas and concepts. Creating a table of 6 rows down the page to 6 different people. When Reunion divide people into groups of 6 starts. Everyone needs a plate and takes 5 minutes to write three ideas in the first row on the way to help solve the problem. Do not put your name on the sheet. After the exchange of leaves with someone else. Or give your resume to the right people or putting six sheets in a pile in the middle of the table and randomly pick one from the pile. Then take the next 5 minutes, adding 3 more ideas for the following line to the new sheet. You can use the idea of ​​the leaves stimulates new ideas and create new ideas, which one is best for you. After doing this for 30 minutes you will have a total of 108 ideas from each group of 6 people.

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