Sunday, May 5, 2013

How To Make Your Marketing Work Together

But apparently the public, do not kid yourself into thinking that marketing show business. It is not.

Think of marketing the business of selling, such as problem-solving business, such as make-wishes-business, but do not think for a moment that you are about to entertain the crowd. No matter how much you want to advertise, marketing definitely not advertising.

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Sure, the ad will be seen by many people. And there are times when it works. But it certainly does not work now is almost as good as the first.

If you have a website, do not expect it to work. Planning an advertising campaign? Expect sorrow. How public relations? It does not work as well as it used to be. So what works?

The combination of marketing works. If you have a website and you are advertising with passion and run a program of publicity to tie in here, all of them will work - every part of the magic formula own particular contribution.

That is why advertising is not marketing, and email marketing is not, and phone calls are not marketing - they are not alone. But as part of a combination, they are deadly. It is a clever use of many of them.

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Marketing Combination

We know the success of selling sleep with stores mom-and-pop chalk up more than $ 1 million in sales per month and only use four marketing arms:

    Radio ads that direct people to the website and showroom.
    A website to answer questions and direct visitors to its showroom.
    Salespeople are trained to use the momentum created by radio and website.
    The free gift of blankets, a set of sheets, two pillow cases and two pillow ensures a good healthy word-of-mouth marketing after sales.

How expensive is the combination of marketing weapons? Not too expensive - but very effective. That should be your goal: marketing that is not too expensive but very effective.

Everyone knows that people look online before making a purchase. So did the trick for your online business? It is part of the trick, but being online is not marketing.

Many people continue to think that Marketing Telemarketing or couponing or social networking. All of these actions are part of marketing, but none of them the whole deal. Do you think we still do not age as a marketing weapon. If you do, you might be the only one left who feel like that.

Your job is to learn all the marketing weapons available to you, to experiment with many of them, and then identify the combination that provides maximum profits for you.

Here are some things that are not marketing brochures. People rushed out to produce brochures, thinking that all their marketing needs. Perhaps it is very important link in the chain that leads to success, but certainly not the marketing brochure itself. Maybe once, but it is not 'your parents' generation'. It to you.

Also, rejected the notion that complex marketing. Marketing would be complicated for people who can not understand the simplicity of marketing. It starts with a marketing plan, they are committed to it.

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Fortunes lost on a regular basis by people who expect a miracle of marketing. But the business is not a miracle marketing business. This business is patience. This is a business plan. If you expect miracles, you get ulcers.

Marketing is an opportunity to benefit your business, the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses in your community or your industry, and the process of developing long-term relationships. But miracles, no.

This article is an excerpt from The Best of Guerrilla Marketing - Guerrilla Marketing Remix (Entrepreneur Press, 2011) by Jay Conrad Levinson and Jeannie.