Sunday, February 24, 2013

Architects of our own future

A recent report by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has declared that our industry is in danger of becoming a profession that can only be accessed by students richest. With the rising student fees and the bad economic situation, the students from low-income backgrounds will become hindered. The report, which looked at income students in 2011/2012, which aims to develop an understanding of remuneration for his contributions to the profession over many years of practice to help inform the future rules that work for the industry. Architectures require work placement students progress in their education. I know a number of students who are facing serious difficulties when seeking placements, leading to scale will have no choice but to work for free. Most students are heading south to find the position, it will lead to a gap professionals in our region after the recession ended. Despite the perception given by the media, are generally not paid the architectural profession and the state of the current economic climate, it is not surprising that low-income students. However, all of the 93% of placements occurring in the architectural industry, only 11% were not paid. Placement of students, although the position of the training, the right job and, as an industry, we have no excuse for not properly paying at least minimum wage. By not doing so, the industry falls foul of legal and moral obligations. Training to be the architect of a minimum of seven years: It is a huge commitment and must be supported by real industry to the future of architecture in Britain. The results of the report seems to indicate that girls are discriminated against, with men earning on average 3% higher than the female counterparts. At present, only 20% of architects are women. We must ensure that young women are encouraged, rather than discouraged by discrimination in the early stages of their careers, to fix it. After all, the building and the space used by both sexes the same, so it does not make sense that we get a great view of Circular designed them? Many industry leaders used about the past and the numbers prove that we still have much to do to help the industry to move away from the club drawing old men '. I hope that the RIBA is crack employers to do this and make a stand for what is right: the best shape of our industry forward. :: Christine Thornley, associate director of Newcastle-based Mackellar Architecture

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Terrain construction £ 3.2m college Surgo configuration

Newcastle-based contractor Surgo Construction has been awarded £ 3.2m contract to deliver improvement projects on campus Westoe South Tyneside College. The works will see the place to change Surgo School campus to include dedicated Marine and school buildings, refurbish existing facilities and develop new areas of teaching. Surgo director Jeff Alexander said: "We deeply appointed to the University of South Tyneside for the latest project in the process of rebuilding, and given the chance to work again with the college team. "It is gratifying that, once again, our experience and competitiveness has been recognized and we pull all the stops to ensure the success of a productive working relationship continues." When complete, the project will enable the South Tyneside College to pursue his vision for a modern environment to study further education, higher education and marine courses it offers. Late last year, the college announced it had succeeded in an attempt to secure the enhanced renewal grant (Phase 2) from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to operate. Lindsey Whiterod, principal and chief executive of South Tyneside College, said: "Surgo Construction excels in multiple criteria specified in the tender, including their previous experience of similar schemes and commitment to sustainability." Mike Foggon, regional director at Faithful + Gould Newcastle office, who heads the project team, said: "Following the very successful completion of the final stage of improvement in 2011, I am confident that this team will be formed to deliver our vision of a state college education art equipment. ' Construction Company has won a series of housing schemes and education in recent months, and started the £ 1.3 million project to repair the Redcar Community College and a £ 2.3m contract with the ISO Housing in North Tyneside. Work with ISO Coronation Street site in Wallsend housing associations. Surgo took a 35 - week contract to build a timber-framed, brick-faced building contains 28 apartments over four floors, and also build two houses and two flats on the site Tyneside style. Contract 21-week course project to fix the front facade of the existing building and provide accommodation for Adult Learning Service is scheduled for completion by the end of next month. It also is developing an innovative £ 8.3m Redcar Hub, to provide high-quality center and work space for the digital and creative industries across the region. Hub building in a prominent position on Redcar seafront and will help to create 60 new jobs and support 50 businesses.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Law of increasing confidence in the police and took home the award

A team of police Catchgate environment, Stanley, they proved by X-Factor top pops coming! Tim was one of 10 finalists on display at the annual Partnership Focused Problems (Pop) awards conference at Xcel Centre, in Newton Aycliffe, last week. Pop the top 10 projects before a panel of judges and the police team from Catchgate emerged as the winner. Vision Catchgate discuss the issues surrounding the low confidence in the police, access to the local police station, involving youth and children and delayed local criminal networks. The team works with local schools and communities to improve the appearance of the local stations and even organized a feast event involving local officials proved very popular with both young and old alike. Office Catchgate be spruced up and even offer their own traditional blue light, then the local school children put on their wish list. Sergeant Mick McGowan spearheaded the project and said: "We really want to make a difference in Catchgate and we feel a sense of accomplishment in the results. "Confidence lost and the police were called to the local station to see us, that rarely happened before. "Looking round the local area we feel like we won anyway, but given Pop award, especially when you are dealing with some fascinating work of the police, the icing on the cake. "My team, our partners and the people of Catchgate shown nothing but enthusiasm and now we have seen a change in Catchgate, all the effort is worth it." Mick and his team are competing in many local teens show their projects and receive their awards from Chief Constable Jon Stoddart. Deputy Chief Constable Mike Barton championed a problem solving approach to policing in Durham constabulary and impressed with the high standard of entries. He said: "Working with the local community and our other partners in the community is the core of our services. "Our local police teams continue to demonstrate the approach, innovative creative to find long-term solutions to problems that can have a serious impact on quality of life. "They are all winners when it comes to giving the police chief's vision for protecting the environment, to meet the criminals and solve problems." Pop Award recognizes excellence in all areas of police and open to any team in full force. Nine other finalists are projects related to: Charity bag theft in Newton Aycliffe, continue to work to reduce the need for accident and emergency at Darlington, anti-social behavior in Spennymoor, Durham a project to create a crime-free city and the safest city in the country, the problem of Parking in Newton Aycliffe, reducing demands on emergency services in Bishop Auckland, anti-social behavior around the shop Leeholme, focusing a project of community involvement in Horden Horden Horse Fair, and improvements around the Child Highcroft home, Cockfield.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Put the safety in our hands

The Journal Why not the stress and worry away from bureaucracy business? Is the largest peninsula in the UK labor law and health and safety consultancy, providing advice on more than 25,000 employers. Peninsula is personally tailored service from initial consultation to the method of implementation, assessment and monitoring of experienced specialist consultants aim to protect your business and assets. Peninsula to support the growth of your business by enabling you to focus on your business priorities, while they take the worry in labor law, taxation, health and safety issues and legislation. By constantly evolving and often difficult to understand the law, health and safety could prove a real problem for the company to handle. On the Peninsula, their experts are available to ensure that your business is on the right side of the law with respect to the laws of the Health and Safety Code, which means that you can focus on your core competencies. Labour law has never been more important for businesses, especially in the Equality Act is in play on October 1, 2010. This law is the biggest change in decades, and labor laws means it is more important than ever for employers to understand the law before them. Implement new rules to keep in line with the new Equality Act, and other laws for that matter, could prove a challenge that business can do without and can help peninsula. Peninsula has both Legal Advice Line Services and Health and Safety Advice Line Service is available to assist you with all types of employment law and health and safety needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is waiting to help you through the maze of legislation, provide advice on repetition and disciplinary procedures, to name two. They were even on hand to give the employer the user making a formal letter and proof of legal papers for clients. Peninsula and left no opportunity to provide indemnity insurance, TaxWise - service tax-free protection against investigations and businesswise - complete HR management tool for employers. They are there to advise and help you every step of the way, giving your business more certain future.