Sunday, December 1, 2013

Same More Money More motivation?

"? We must change our way of incentivising staff financial bonuses and rewards "A question I am often asked is this a challenge for companies of all sizes - try to keep good staff perform at its optimal level and also setting the poached by large enterprise companies with bigger budgets wages. I heard story after story of my trip and especially my work in business related to mining, those sweetened with big pay packages to lure them away from their current jobs. How do we balance the employer does not allow wages crack at the same time and we were delighted to perform at the highest level? Verse really do not need motivation motivationIntrinsic best described as the motivation that comes from within a person while not requiring motivation comes from external sources. Intrinsic motivation is about doing and where we find satisfying passion, associated with what we value and where we really get a sense of personal satisfaction. Do not need external motivation factors that create incentives to achieve or perform certain tasks such as when a child is obedient because consequences.In employment potential, the starting point is the process of hiring. Identify intelligence and passion for a new job should be the basis, the second skill level. 

Much easier to train someone in the technical aspects of their work rather than teaching them to love their work. The latter is akin to trying to make a slow horse speeds up - only business. Many employers take this step. Due to lack of manpower (and do not really understand the 'whole'), we tend to hire people with nowhere near the technical value, rather than considering the observations themselves.One keys to consider when both hiring and working with people is that we are all motivated by what is most important to us. We appreciate how good it is money wisely. If the satisfaction of a job well done, then simply gift. If family time, then that's what drives us. Our workers are no different. Various factors encourage individuals who differ according to what is most important to them. Press the internal driver to adapt the work around them and you will have more employees who have a tendency to be intrinsically motivated in their work both themselves and the companies reap the rewards. 

Their task then was associated with higher costs. Benefits for all people with financial and gifts that you could potentially lose a lot of time. Such as Edward Deci L observed:? "If someone is intrinsically motivated to perform an activity started to receive external reinforcement for the event, what happened in the previous study and this study shows the intrinsic motivation of money decreases intrinsic motivation, while verbal reinforcements tend to increase intrinsic motivation" -. Edward L Deci - Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 1972, Vol. 22, No. 1, 113-120And if you go to a financial reward, see incentives based on the team's performance as opposed to individual benefits effort.Good luck!

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