Thursday, April 25, 2013

Questions to Ask on Your Interview MBA Admission

MBA applicants spend a lot of time practicing their response to any questions they might face interviews go. What many do not realize that the questions they are asking for the same business school can say. "Fit is important, and interviews to assess the present," said Kurt Ahlm, associate dean for student recruitment and admission at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. "It's a lot of schools to find out about an applicant because it is about finding the applicant about the school." You can not ask a question of time. You have to put some thought to it, according to members of the admissions committee of leading business schools. "We want to see the candidates used the question to show a genuine interest in the school," said Christine Sneva, executive director of admission and financial aid at Cornell University Graduate School of Johnson Management.Asking about the direction and vision for the school for several years to future will tell the interviewer you imagine what life is like for you on their campus, said Sneva. The same is true, he added, the question of whether the interviewer may want to be near the school, and what he did then of course delight work.Of, questions about living close to campus will only work for people still living in the area. Knowing a little about who you are interviewing appropriate. Applicants should tailor their questions to the students, alumni, and administrators, who all conduct interviews for a variety of schools, said Richard Lyons, dean of the University of California at Berkeley Haas School of Business. Lecturer owe you a good answer, he adds.In fact, Lyons said applicants must submit "a powerful question," the response has been to offer guidance on whether it is the right school for them. Three of the questions he should ask the applicant: 1. Is the school's mission and culture of any distinguishing characteristics? 2. What percentage of my classmates chose to work close to or after graduation? 3. Can you give a concrete example of how experience affects the location of the school students? People mistakenly believe that there is no way to mess this part of the interview. Ask for feedback that can easily be found on the school website or the minimum amount of research to tell the interviewer that you have done your homework, says Ahlm.Knowing interview format is also useful, and Schools and is expected to explore the basics before you sit down to chat. Some administrators do not mind if you skip the question all together. "Do not ask to ask just one," said Ankur Kumar, MBA director of admissions and financial aid at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School. "There is no penalty for your work done." However, most of us have only so much you can learn from websites and other sources. They would prefer that the applicant take advantage of the opportunity to dig deeper into the experience that they have to register. "Applicants may feel like they know enough," said Sneva. "But you do not quite know until you're here." Follow the Forum discussion on the Bloomberg Businessweek Business School, visit us on Facebook, and follow on Twitter @ BWbschools.

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